The flavors of the land

Discover all the good of italy's green heart.

We are passionate about Umbrian cuisine and wine, and we want you to experience it the way we do. From the dishes to the wines, we make careful selections to uphold local traditions, the region, and history.

About our restaurant

Umbria must first and foremost be experienced through its flavors, and our restaurant strives to be the starting point for such an adventure. Each meal that is delivered to your table echoes the centuries-old heritage that our chefs have learned. Our Umbrian fields provide us with high-quality raw materials on a seasonal basis, which we then adapt to honor every phase of Nature.

Craftsmanship, freshness, and tradition are the ingredients that give your meals a unique flavor in the setting of the garden Pietro Porcinai created in 1951, on which the restaurant room is built.

The ruin

Our grounds are so abundant that they can meet all of our needs. You can savor the dishes from our flexitarian-inspired menu, which features nutritious, fresh, and delicious food, next to the pool, in a setting somewhere between reality and a dream. The fundamental idea is to encourage eating habits that combine health, lightness, and balance while never forgetting flavor and creativity, ensuring that no palate is ever unsatisfied.

The Ruin is open every day of summer from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm, from June to September.

Make your experience unique

Pacchetto coppia nel verde

Regala un soggiorno da due cuori e una villa tra le colline umbre. Scopri l’olivicoltura con le degustazioni in frantoio e pranza con i prodotti della filiera corta.

Minimo notti: 2
Prezzo: €450

Valida dal
1/04 al 30/06

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