The Art of Olive Oil

A family history for an experience to live

One of Umbria’s most well-known traditional products is olive oil: in the Green Heart of Italy, we can boast a long legacy of bringing to Italian tables that quality and taste capable of reflecting all the secrets of olive oil art.
At Castellaro, you will have the chance to have a whole experience to learn about the yellow gold. To truly understand Umbrian olive oil, it is not enough to taste it; you must live it.
Our farm produces a modest yet significant quantity of olive oil.

il castellaro arte olearia raccolta olio
il castellaro arte olearia olive

Oil 333 is a combination created by three brothers, three different cultivars (Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino), and a small oil mill that grinds just three tons of olive oil per hour. It has a somewhat spicy yet well-balanced flavor.

Our olive oil tastes like the long history it is nourished by the area where olive trees are born has been fashioned over many years by the business acumen of the renowned individuals who have held sway over it: from the Archpriest of the Pen in medieval times to Ferdinando Cesaroni and Giulio Cesare Morlunghi. There are now new olive groves growing alongside the older ones. These groves are more sustainable since they can use our tiny olive mill to process the olives grown right on the farm, making them more self-sufficient.

il castellaro arte olearia bruschetta con olio
il castellaro arte olearia olivo

You can have a close-up look at the complete production process in our company. Depending on when you visit, we’ll allow you to take part in one of the exciting stages of the journey from the olive to the bottle.

Pruning takes place in February and March, we’ll explain and teach you about the olive plant in the summer, and then it’s harvest time, which will be followed by the most delicious part of all—sampling and tastings—in the autumn.

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Pacchetto coppia nel verde

Regala un soggiorno da due cuori e una villa tra le colline umbre. Scopri l’olivicoltura con le degustazioni in frantoio e pranza con i prodotti della filiera corta.

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