Goldsmith processing

Goldsmithing: The Birth of a Jewel

We are passionate about everything we do, and we love to share that passion with anyone who chooses to visit us. We operate a small goldsmith business where we create jewelry using only artisanal methods and a careful selection of materials.
il castellaro lavorazione orafa come nasce un gioiello
il castellaro lavorazione orafa lavorazione gioiello

We bring unique and customized masterpieces to life so that you can go home with a genuinely priceless remembrance of your visit.
Additionally, if you choose to have your wedding with us, we can create the wedding rings, making it truly truly unique..
We also provide brief workshops to demonstrate the many steps involved in taking a project from conception to completion while processing metals.

Make your experience unique

Pacchetto coppia nel verde

Regala un soggiorno da due cuori e una villa tra le colline umbre. Scopri l’olivicoltura con le degustazioni in frantoio e pranza con i prodotti della filiera corta.

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Prezzo: €450

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1/04 al 30/06

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